Who uses IEEE 1619 and 1619.1?

Last December, IEEE approved the standards two encryption standards (See Press Release):
  • IEEE 1619 (specifying the XTS encryption mode, commonly used for disk encryption); and
  • IEEE 1619.1 (specifying GCM, CCM, CBC-HMAC, and XTS-HMAC encryption modes, typically for tape) .
Byte and Switch interviewed me in an article discussing this and other related standards.

Currently the IEEE Security in Storage Working Group (SISWG) is investigating the possibility of submitting the IEEE 1619 XTS mode to NIST for consideration as an Approved Mode of Operation for FIPS 140-2 certification. One of the questions asked on the SISWG e-mail reflector was whether there is widespread industry support for these newly approved modes.

From doing some web searching, I've come up with the following list of companies who are claiming compliance to these newly approved standards.

IEEE 1619 (XTS-AES) Support
  • IBM, HP, Quantum, Tandberg's LTO-4 Tape Drive uses IEEE 1619.1 GCM-AES
  • IBM's TS1120 Enterprise Tape Drive uses GCM
  • Sun's T10000 Enterprise Tape Drive uses 1619.1 CCM
  • Many core vendors (basically same list as for 1619)
I expect that these lists will grow considerably after IEEE officially publishes 1619 and 1619.1 in the next couple months. Right now, it's hard to assess compliance because a product cannot technically claim compliance until the standard is published.

If you know of implementations that expect IEEE 1619 or 1619.1 compliance, please post a comment with the vendor and product name, with a link to the appropriate webpage.

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  1. Please note that also SafeNet has a family of AES cores, including a range of AES-XTS cores.


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